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The San Diego area’s first amusement park opened in the small beach town of Ocean Beach on July 4, 1913. Wonderland Park was built in 1913 on a sandy beach south of Abbott Street, between Voltaire Street and the ocean which covered an area of 9-1/2 acres.

More than a decade before Mission Beach’s Belmont Park opened, Wonderland represented the height of summertime entertainment in the up-and-coming city of San Diego. Water slide, roller skating rink, carnival games, bowling alley, a zoo with 350 monkeys and the West Coast’s biggest roller coaster — Wonderland had it all.

However, the fun times didn’t last for long. Wonderland would close by 1915, an apparent victim of the festivities across town at Balboa Park. Then, in a final ignominy, its seaside rides would be swamped by San Diego’s massive killer floods of January 1916.

Using the culture and history of Ocean Beach as a foundation. Wonderland Ocean Pub was created to exemplify all that is great about this laid back beachfront community. We strive to provide a neighborly atmosphere, where you’ll always be treated like part of our family. With a view unparalleled to any other, come experience our coastal inspired menu or grab a cold pint of local craft brew.

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